Do you know what TOS is?  Do you have TOS?

Do you know what TOS is? Do you have TOS?

Update: 2021-09-03


Today I am sharing my TOS story. I am doing this with hopes of reaching others that have it too. For childfree women, sometimes chronic and acute health issues may be on the top of the list of WHY we choose to be childfree by choice.

This episode is about my new journey with TOS. What is TOS? It is thoracic outlet syndrome. Which is when nerves, vessels and arteries from your neck into your arm, get compressed under the collar bone and first rib. Yes, your first rib is that high up.

The pain and symptoms from that can vary greatly for each person with this diagnoses.

I am sharing some links below.

Here is a vetted and scholarly review.

More TOS info here.

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Do you know what TOS is?  Do you have TOS?

Do you know what TOS is? Do you have TOS?

Raphie Wagner