DiscoverThe Profitable WayDo you shine and shrink?
Do you shine and shrink?

Do you shine and shrink?

Update: 2023-03-17


I’ve seen it so many times. Coaches put themselves out there, are hugely visible and launch an offer. They’re doing their best to shine. But then one of two things happen:

  1. They have incredible results and blow their own mind with their success (and stretch beyond regular capacity so like an elastic band it comes back). 
  2. They are disappointed with their results and feel frustrated that they didn’t meet their goals.

In both cases they frequently shrink. Hide. Go back to their comfort zone or the preference of playing small.  

Here’s the thing: if you see yourself in this story know that you’re not alone. I’ve seen it play out in clients at literally *EVERY* level from newbie entrepreneurs to very established multi six / seven figure entrepreneurs.

And here’s what’s possible: cultivating internal safety, moving through the shrink with support and resilience so you don’t get stuck there, and doing the big scary thing even if you’re feeling like hiding.  Somatic processing can rapidly shrink this refractory period regardless of what caused it and that's what we discuss in todays episode!

With love,

Robyn xo


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Do you shine and shrink?

Do you shine and shrink?

Robyn Gooding