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Doctrine Series: Orthodoxy

Doctrine Series: Orthodoxy

Update: 2019-07-29


**We are very critical of some practices of the church and even more critical of some of the unBiblical aspects of church culture. It is not our intention to offend ANY of our listeners, whether Apostolics, other Pentecostals, Baptists, Catholics, etc. What we do want to do is challenge ALL of our listeners to rethink orthodoxy in light of Scripture. We are especially hard on Apostolics but that is only because we love the church we are a part of and want to hold it to the highest standard. We believe there is a Biblical precedent for this. When Jesus stopped pulling his punches it was with his people, whether his theological peers, the Pharisees ("...generation of vipers...") or the disciples ("...are you so stupid that you still don't understand?"). When Peter was siding with the Judaizers, Paul said, "I withstood him to his face." This is what we are trying to do; call the church that we love to a higher standard. We hope that we have done so with love.**

In this episode, we take on the concept of "orthodoxy". We address several important questions in a longer-than-usual and somewhat meandering conversation.

What is it?

What are the problems that orthodoxy presents for a Bible-based church?

As unorthodox as Apostolic Pentecostals seem, do we have our own orthodoxy?

Is our orthodoxy Biblical or simply man-made dogma?

There must be some value in the consensus of the church, which is basically what orthodoxy is, however, any human consensus can be wrong. We discuss the importance of putting any doctrine or dogma, no matter how widely accepted, to the test of Scripture.

Since this episode is so long, we debated splitting it into two episodes, but there didn't seem to be a good place to split it. We hope you enjoy the conversation despite the length.

The next episode is a special bonus episode where Bryce and Jaredith discuss some exciting news regarding their ministry.

Also, over the next several months, the doctrine series will be interspersed with special interviews with Apostolic authors. So far, we have commitments from Bro. Carlton Coon to discuss his new book, Light in a Dark Place and Sis. Lori Wagner to discuss her new book, Through the Waters: The Life and Ministry of Evangelist Willie Johnson.

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Doctrine Series: Orthodoxy

Doctrine Series: Orthodoxy

Jaredith Mize