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Doesn't Add Up | 8

Doesn't Add Up | 8

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In this episode, we take a deep dive into the forensics, and hear from three professionals who worked on Christian’s case: Michael Knox, who focuses on ballistics and crime scene reconstruction; Ryan Rider, an expert in 3D scanning; and Dr. Jonathan Arden a Forensic Pathologist. These professionals share their scientific findings, which include new revelations refuting the manner and time of death.

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Comments (21)

Mandy Merritts

Check out Exhibit A on Netflix to hear more about Knox and Associates "scientific" work.

Oct 21st
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alli lent

didn't they say a couple episodes back he was shot in the throat..? now it's the head..?

Oct 3rd
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Trisha Carter

I'm curious about the phone calls made from christians phone the afternoon he died clearly made after the time of death. the most curious phone call was made to Dylan's mom. my question is who is Dylan's mom or family. Were Dylan and Whitley possible coached by someone who new how to make this look like a suicide? is there a police officer or politician in his family?

Aug 2nd

Carly VanGills

This was the most disturbing episode so far.

Jul 31st
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feather williams

This is great info. The last guy (30+ years experience) really sealed the deal for me in terms of it being a homicide. But, as was mentioned in a previous episode, all I can think about is; what motive does law enforcement have to keep this covered up? I need to hear more about that!! This reminds me so much of "making of a murderer" in that its just pure corruption and wrong doing on behalf of law enforcement. Nothing less. And its infuriating bc as individual civilians, there is so little recourse as the buck stops with them. My heart breaks for him and his family.

Jul 31st
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feather williams

His poor family. Wondering how in the hec they got the funding to hire all of these extremely reputable special investigators?

Jul 31st
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Kickin Ash

My theory is that Whitney knew Christian was having these suicidal thoughts over their relationship. She played on that to murder him to get his money and stage it as a suicide. She already had her alibi ready with "gun night". With the paramedic saying everyone was wasted then they're testimonials are shaky. Nobody is sleeping through a gun shot in a 700 Sq ft apt!

Jul 29th
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Tyler Neill

for some reason the episode won't play

Jul 29th
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Doesn't Add Up | 8

Doesn't Add Up | 8

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