Doing business for good

Doing business for good

Update: 2021-04-30


Urbano has championed green and sustainable business practices since 2002 in Shoreditch where we created our first networking community. To achieve the targets in the Paris Agreement will involve more collaboration, more engagement, and a different way of measuring profitability. 

Urbano has highlighted and supported environmental awareness in business since 2002 and support organisations like the Good Law project. We will also be looking to undertake an audit for Urbano's parent Talent Lab to become a UK member of B Corp, the global body for-profit businesses to demonstrate their commitment to having a positive impact on society and their environment. This event will look at the steps that for-profit companies need to take to become a member of B Corps UK with Urbano Supporters, EQ Investors. 

SPEAKER Kate Sandle - Director of Programmes & Engagement at B Corp UK. 

Since the launch of the B Corporation movement in the UK, Kate has been key to building the community of companies who are reinventing business. By voluntarily meeting higher standards, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves by measuring their impact and offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. 

As Director of Programmes & Engagement at B Corp UK, Kate works with existing B Corp members to strengthen the community and delivers campaigns to champion and build awareness of the movement. Kate will share with us how they are driving and promoting the role business plays in society 

This event is supported by EQ Investors, who recently scooped the award for 'the best adviser firm for ESG' at the Professional Adviser Awards 2021. are a purpose-driven investment management firm helping individuals and institutions who care about social and environmental impacts.

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Doing business for good

Doing business for good


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Doing business for good

Doing business for good

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