DiscoverDollars and SenseDollars and Sense - What Should I Do With Cash?
Dollars and Sense - What Should I Do With Cash?

Dollars and Sense - What Should I Do With Cash?

Update: 2020-10-24


This first episode of what might be a second season of Dollars and Sense is pretty different from last season's episodes. I don't have a guest with me on this episode - instead, I have a co-host. My co-host, Rick Monfred, is - like me - a principal and financial advisor at Bernstein Private Wealth Management. In this episode, we discuss how we're thinking about cash in the current environment.

If you like this episode - or if you don't - please let me know. You can always reach me via email at David dot Greene at Bernstein dot com.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Dollars and Sense - What Should I Do With Cash?

Dollars and Sense - What Should I Do With Cash?

David Greene