DiscoverEasy PreyDon’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson
Don’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson

Don’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson

Update: 2022-04-13


We are living in a world where AI can do many of the things people have been doing, thus creating an opportunity for us to create and do something new. Not understanding this transition can leave us unnecessarily exposed to risk. Today’s guest is Howard Getson. Howard is the President and CEO at Capitalogix. He runs an algorithm hedge fund and the data science company that powers it. Capitalogix created a revolutionary financial technology platform that uses adaptive AI to maximize performance with real time insights. His prior company, Intelligent Control which he founded in 1991, was an Inc. 500 company and won an IBM award for Best Business Application. Howard is currently on the advisory counsel over a bio ethics and research institute.

Show Notes:

  • [1:16 ] - Welcome to the show, Howard! He shares his background and what he does currently with Capitalogix.
  • [3:00 ] - People are interested in things like AI and automation because they want to amplify intelligence.
  • [4:26 ] - This technology gives entrepreneurs amazing opportunities to provide value.
  • [5:20 ] - How did AOL change the technology landscape? People are good at knowing something is about to change.
  • [6:40 ] - Think about 3 pieces of technology that already exist that you know are going to change the landscape in the next few years.
  • [7:57 ] - It’s not a question about something being created but rather what implications it has.
  • [9:43 ] - Even though we knew the internet would be big, we didn’t think about the consequences or the role they themselves would play.
  • [11:05 ] - You don’t have to be the person to create the technology, but how can you find opportunities in the future?
  • [12:14 ] - What happens when AI gets smarter than us? Howard says it already is.
  • [14:04 ] - Howard shares a personal story that demonstrates how technology has gotten so good so fast that scams are moving quickly.
  • [16:44 ] - As we get these technologies, it frees people up to do more.
  • [18:40 ] - What impact do these technologies have on false information?
  • [19:24 ] - Technology is going to learn how to lie as a strategy.
  • [21:04 ] - Data is the biggest problem AI sees right now.
  • [22:47 ] - You want AI to create new opportunities not to relieve you of things you do so you can do nothing.
  • [23:46 ] - Howard doesn’t try to predict technology, but rather human behavior.
  • [25:22 ] - It’s not about what it does, but rather what it makes possible.
  • [27:20 ] - Current technology then becomes a prototype for something new.
  • [28:35 ] - With AI, the result is exponential results. There are 3 key drivers to make that happen.
  • [30:36 ] - Data science is about finding a profound truth hidden by noise. Discover is an important verb.
  • [32:49 ] - Build, scale, and refine. 
  • [34:25 ] - Knowing something worked is different from knowing it is currently working.
  • [36:33 ] - Text “AI” to 972-992-1100 for a presentation on the methodology.
  • [37:50 ] - Howard believes that everyone will be able to leverage AI in the next 25 years.
  • [39:18 ] - We live in a world that gets faster and better everyday.

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Don’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson

Don’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson

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