DiscoverBuilding Freedom with Jordan ParisDon't Let a Gucci Belt Be Your Boss
Don't Let a Gucci Belt Be Your Boss

Don't Let a Gucci Belt Be Your Boss

Update: 2022-03-241


Many people equate nice things (houses, cars, clothes, watches, handbags, etc.) with success.

But materialism is really the antithesis of freedom.

Because most people become slaves to their fancy-looking liabilities.

There is a time and place for nice things (and I certainly enjoy them myself).

But if you buy the nice things prematurely, then you'll be enslaved by them.

You'll no longer be working for the joy of working or working for yourself.

Congrats - you have a new boss: the massive liability you bought prematurely. You now work for the sports car/house/handbag/etc.

This isn't freedom. This is slavery, especially if you don't like what you do for work.

Don't be a slave to your materialistic desires.

How to break free of such desires?

I share how in today's episode of Building Freedom with Jordan Paris.

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Don't Let a Gucci Belt Be Your Boss

Don't Let a Gucci Belt Be Your Boss

Jordan Paris