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Doubling Down With ERRA

Doubling Down With ERRA

Update: 2022-09-27


Alabama heavy outfit ERRA are currently experiencing the best possible outcome for a touring band.
Not only are they currently in Australia and New Zealand supporting The Plot In You and playing at the larger venues, they are also turning straight around after the final show in Wellington and coming back to Australia for a select run of three headlining shows of their own at some of the countries more intimate live music rooms.
After already garnering rave reviews so far on tour, ERRA has sold out one of their own shows already, with the remaining two not far behind.
Not bad for a band who only released their debut album back in 2020.
HEAVY caught up with guitarist Jesse Cash and lead vocalist J.T Cavey recently to discuss the run of shows.
"Quite lovely," Cavey replied when questioned on what it's like being on the road with The Plot In You. "We did a tour with those guys a couple of years ago so it's like having a reunion on the other side of the world."
"Before J.T was in the band we toured with them a couple of times," Cash took over. "I think 10 years ago was the first time we toured with them..."
"Really," Caver interjected. "I didn't know that."
"Yeah, 2012," Cash continued. "So it was pretty comfortable. It's nice to be over here in an unfamiliar place with familiar faces."
In the full interview, J.T and Jesse run us through their live shows and what to expect, discuss the differences between playing a support and headlining their own shows, having one of their shows already sold out, the early days of the band, the genesis of the band name, new music and more.
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Doubling Down With ERRA

Doubling Down With ERRA

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