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Doug Gordon – From Near Death to Perfect Health

Doug Gordon – From Near Death to Perfect Health

Update: 2020-03-27






Doug Gordon – From Near Death to Perfect Health

Doug Gordon is CEO of D&S Performance Optimisation, a coaching, consulting & corporate training company. He is also the Global Goodwill Ambassador for Dublin.

He speaks professionally all over the world alongside ex prime ministers, film stars, TV celebs, NY Times bestselling authors, renowned CEOs & sports stars.

He runs a radio show on Dublin radio, called “Inspirational People, Inspirational Stories” & has had the likes of Lisa Nichols & Dr John Demartini from the Secret Film, Stuart Lancaster: Leinster rugby coach, Adam Byrne: Irish rugby international, Brian Fenton: GAA star, Dean Holdsworth: former England footballer, Gary McGann, Chairman, Paddypower Betfair & many other stars on the show.

Doug worked in the Investment world for 21 years selling Hedge / Mutual funds B2B to Global Banks & Fund Managers. He worked as Sales Director for Columbia Threadneedle ($490BN aum) & Head of Sales & Marketing for Davy Asset Management. During his investment career he grew a sales area from $50m per annum to $1.75Bn in a year in 6 yrs.

Between 2008 & 2012 Doug went through major stress, two operations that went wrong & then a near death experience.

He has since healed himself completely by using wellness techniques & is now passionate about helping others.

Since then Doug has been helping people deliver High Performance Success without Stress focusing on top executives & sports people helping them with accelerated business growth, sales mastery, presentation skills, lifestyle architecture, wellbeing & performance optimisation.

His background includes: premier league national league hockey, master teacher of 5 modalities of healing, business/life/performance coach. Plus a highly successful board level career.

LinkedIn testimony: Bill Liao, Founder of & coderdojo, 3x TED talker:

“Want to know how to get the best return on investment for you & your business? Want to increase your business growth & learn from a guy who tripled his sales to $1.75Bn in 1 year? Want to optimise your performance to get more done in less time with less stress? This is exactly what Doug Gordon speaks, coaches & teaches about. He helps you & your teams get into the “Flow” & be 500% more productive through his mindset programs, his action orientated techniques, his extensive knowledge from his investment career, his radio interviews with global leaders & his energy optimisation program to help you optimise your energy to optimise your performance in business & life.”









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Doug Gordon – From Near Death to Perfect Health

Doug Gordon – From Near Death to Perfect Health

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