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Dr. Boyd Purcell- Christianity Without Insanity

Dr. Boyd Purcell- Christianity Without Insanity

Update: 2021-09-14


I am happy and hopeful to share this special episode with you. All of my episodes are special. But, in this one, I discuss a particular type of pain that some of us suffered at the hands of toxic theology. I hope it helps someone who listens. If you know someone it could help, please share.

In this episode, Dr. Purcell and I discuss how similar our childhoods were due to the teaching that God made us imperfect and we were deserving of eternal torment for that reason. We both struggled for decades trying to reconcile this teaching with our hearts. Traditional Christianity is literally insanity.

In this episode, we discuss the evil god of Calvinism not loving enough to save everyone; who in fact, creates most people just to throw them into eternal torment. We discuss the weak god of Arminianism who wishes he could save everyone, but it’s beyond his capability to do so. And, we talk about who/what we believe to be the true God who not only loves everyone but actually knows what He’s doing.

Dr. Boyd C. Purcell holds an undergraduate college degree in Comprehensive Social Studies from B.G.S.U. He also has a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Bowling Green State University.
His Master of Divinity Degree is in Biblical Studies from Ashland University Theological Seminary. Dr. Boyd’s doctorate is in the integration of psychology and theology.

He is a retired hospice chaplain, having provided comforting spiritual care to hundreds of dying patients. 

Dr. Purcell has experience as a psychotherapist on the Christian Therapy Unit of a psychiatric hospital. He has taught counseling courses to students earning their Master of Arts Degree in Counseling at Marshall University Graduate College.

He pastored an Evangelical Church for 15 years until condemned by the denominational officials for coming to believe in too much of God's all-inclusive, unconditional, everlasting love, amazing grace, infinite mercy, and perfect justice for all people everywhere in the whole world!

He has written several books including: 

"Spiritual Terrorism: Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb" 
"Christianity Without Insanity: For Mental/Emotional/Physical Health." 
 "Symbolic Fire in the Holy Bible A Thru A," the subtitle, "God is Fire/Baptism of Fire/Salted with Fire."

His website is:


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Dr. Boyd Purcell- Christianity Without Insanity

Dr. Boyd Purcell- Christianity Without Insanity

Dr. Boyd Purcell