DiscoverFinding MasteryDr. Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience Co-Founder
Dr. Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience Co-Founder

Dr. Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience Co-Founder

Update: 2018-10-241


This week’s conversation is with Dr. Daniel Chao, co-founder of Halo Neuroscience.

Dr. Chao’s whole life has been dedicated to understanding the brain and its function — specifically, how electrical stimulation can help the brain more rapidly improve performance, cognitive function, and overall happiness.

As some of you are already probably aware, we recently partnered with Halo Neuroscience because I’m bullish on their technology, Halo Sport, which accelerates movement based learning through transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS).

I wanted to have an in-depth conversation with Daniel to learn more about how scientists are using brain stimulation to optimize neurological function and go deeper into what’s possible with this technology.

I think this technology is right on the frontier, backed by about 15 years of research and currently used by the best athletes in the world – US Olympic teams, players in the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour, and more.

In a previous Finding Mastery podcast (#045), psychologist Anders Ericsson argued that expert performers acquire their skill through deliberate practice.

In deliberate practice, it's a full and deep, possibly nauseatingly deep focus, on whatever skill you are working on learning. This involves minimizing distractions and practicing just outside one's comfort zone.

Well what if adding a layer of technology to deliberate practice could accelerate the rate of learning by up to 50%?

That’s something we discuss in this conversation and Daniel believes we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

As someone who’s always been captivated by the power of the mind, this conversation was such a treat for me so I can’t wait for you to learn from Daniel.


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Dr. Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience Co-Founder

Dr. Daniel Chao, Halo Neuroscience Co-Founder