DiscoverWho Ya Know ShowAs You Ask, So Shall You Receive w/ Dr. Kasthuri Henry
As You Ask, So Shall You Receive w/ Dr. Kasthuri Henry

As You Ask, So Shall You Receive w/ Dr. Kasthuri Henry

Update: 2022-01-20


In this episode, we invite Dr. Kasthuri Henry. She is driven by the passion to develop viable public-private sector partnership through education, collaboration & engaging communication. Her ultimate goal is "Building to Last & Ennobling for Success" and she strives to bring economic prosperity to everyday people & businesses.

Mic Drop Moments:

- Why Dr. Kasthuri chose to help companies develop financial strategies
- The biggest challenge that businesses are going through
- The biggest financial mistakes that companies are making
- How to eliminate financial mistakes in a business
- Dr. Kasthuri’s book ‘Ennobled For Success’
- Her opinion on The Great Resignation
- How can a jobseeker stand out in today’s world
- Dr. Kasthuri’s opinion on early retirement
- Should job seekers have side hustles
- Dr. Kasthuri’s mastermind program for leaders

Mic Drop Moments

🎤Kasthuri at (03:57 ) - When people came into work, we told them you can't bring your home to work. But now we expect to go home 24/7 regardless of what’s going on in their household. So, conscious companies are realizing. The script is switched and we need to show up with mindfulness.

🎤Kasthuri at (05:55 ) - We can't give people motivation. If people need help, they need to be motivated enough to ask for help.

🎤Kasthuri at (06:13 ) - Knock on, the door shall open. And ask and you shall receive, right? So ask. Ask for help.

🎤Kasthuri at (10:45 ) - Let’s not forget, we are employees. And the things we do as employees can come back to haunt us as potential consumers, as potential citizens of the world. If I'm allowing my company to pollute the environment and my kid gets cancer, I don’t get to cry.

🎤Kasthuri at (12:50 ) - The lesson in that book is that you don't need to have a title, a following, to change your life. All you have to do is just care.

🎤Kasthuri at (13:45 ) - Employers are not looking to hire people to give them jobs. Employers are looking for solution providers who can solve their client’s problems, and innovate and make this world a better place.

🎤Kasthuri at (18:00 ) - The pandemic has reminded us that we may kill ourselves for the job but the job will replace us in two seconds.

🎤Kasthuri at (18:55 ) - If you can feed yourself, what else do you need the money for, because now you’re teaching your kids in the home too.

🎤Kasthuri at (21:22 ) - We gave them the loaded gun and this is a democracy. We as the people gave them the public policy and said “Shoot us whenever you feel like it.”

🎤Kasthuri at (22:13 ) - Don’t think that you have to look for a job only in the United States. We live in an age of ‘work from anywhere.’

🎤Kasthuri at (22:38 ) - Britain just exited the EU. So the privileged English-speaking coveted position the United Kingdom occupied is no longer there. Americans who are English-only speakers can easily go in and get those English-speaking remote jobs in the EU.

🎤Kasthuri at (24:05 ) - If we don't have a relationship with us, we can’t build a relationship with somebody else.

🎤Kasthuri at (24:26 ) - You don’t build a network when you want something. You build a network when you want to give something. And when you serve in a community then when you need it, the community will show up to give it to you. You don’t have to ask. So, invest in it before you need it. Because when you ask for it without investing, you’re asking for a favor and nobody owes you anything.

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As You Ask, So Shall You Receive w/ Dr. Kasthuri Henry

As You Ask, So Shall You Receive w/ Dr. Kasthuri Henry

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