DiscoverChiropractic Herstory PodcastDr. Nicole Lindsey- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 39
Dr. Nicole Lindsey- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 39

Dr. Nicole Lindsey- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 39

Update: 2019-05-29


Dr. Nicole Lindsey- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 39

Dr. Nicole D. Lindsey attended undergraduate college at Trenton State in NJ. She then went on to receive a Bachelors of Biology degree with a concentration in wellness and nutrition. After experiencing the health benefits of chiropractic care Dr. Nicole then went on to attend Life University, where she graduated with honors with her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. While studying chiropractic, Dr. Nicole concurrently studied for a B.S in Nutrition. Dr. Nicole also holds advanced certification in Myofascial Triggerpoint Therapy and soft tissue pain management and is certified to conduct and interrupt Neuroconductivevelocity (NCV) testing. In addition, she has further studied functional medicine, anti-aging medicine, whiplash injuries, non-spinal Decompression and managing disc injuries and effectively managing headaches disorders. Dr. Nicole has been living and practicing in South Asheville since 2001.

Dr. Nicole is committed to service and respect for her staff and patients. Dr. Nicole treats each person as a whole. She not only wants to rid you of pain but find the cause of the problem. Dr. Nicole will guide you back to health through a unique regimen of chiropractic care, stretches, exercises, nutrition, hormone support and lifestyle changes. Dr. Nicole also works with many medical doctors and healthcare providers in the Asheville and surrounding areas to collaborate and better serve your healthcare needs.

In addition to adjusting the many families of Asheville, Dr. Nicole also enjoys educating the community about chiropractic every chance she gets! She conducts educational workshops in her office on various topics. Dr. Nicole has also written several articles for the Asheville Citizen-Times, appears on WLOS to feature a health segment and speaks out regularly to many civic groups, colleges, high schools and elementary schools about natural health through chiropractic. Dr. Nicole has lectured to companies such as Progress Energy and groups such as Givens Estate, the Multiple Sclerosis Group, the Traumatic Brain Injury Association, the Fibromyalgia group, and the Arthritis Foundation. Dr. Nicole is a member of the NC Chiropractic Association and is serving as a board member for the Western Chiropractic District of Health Network Solutions.

Dr. Nicole is married to James, and they have a beautiful daughter, Gabriella. When she’s not serving her patients, she enjoys traveling, consulting and speaking professionally to other healthcare providers about the need for collaborative healthcare.

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Dr. Nicole Lindsey- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 39

Dr. Nicole Lindsey- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 39

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