DiscoverChiropractic Herstory PodcastDr. Prisca Rompen- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 40
Dr. Prisca Rompen- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 40

Dr. Prisca Rompen- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 40

Update: 2019-06-05


Dr. Prisca Rompen- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 40

Released on June 5th, 2019, International Women Chiropractors Day!

Prisca Rompen D.C. is a chiropractor with a special interest and dedication towards pregnancy and pediatric care. After gaining experience with working in the Netherlands for several years she has now decided to commit to volunteer for people for who good healthcare is not standard. Therefore she has moved to a village in Uganda where she is one of only three chiropractors in a country of 42+ Million people.

Already during the course but mainly during work experience Dr. Rompen has noticed the importance of good care for newborns and mothers. As chiropractors we can make an immense difference in these fragile phases of life. By using light adjusting techniques and no use of medications, healing can occur in a natural way. Unfortunately these possibilities are very limited in Uganda and Dr. Rompen wants to change this!

In addition to the treatment of newborns she wants to aid and support young mothers. The mothers are often between 10 and 14 years old and struggling to breastfeed, sometimes due to physical issues. In most cases this is the only way to feed their newborns as there is no money for other options. For this reason they need help, education and treatment. And this is something she can provide as a chiropractor.

Dr. Prisca Rompen’s goal is to start a “Mother and Child clinic” in Uganda. In this clinic mainly teenmoms and children can come for chiropractic care, healthcare advice and support regarding breastfeeding.

Today on International Women Chiropractors Day in Uganda, she received her final signature on her big project.

“The clinic where I will be providing chiropractic care is a Christian Health Centre III run by sisters. They have the largest number of deliveries in de region and women come from far to deliver here or receive antenatal care. Some women walk up to 10kilometers to reach the health centre. On an average day of antenatal care they can see anywhere between 30 and 90 (!!) women. The women pay 1.000 shillings for a session of antenatal care which is the equivalent of 25cents, and for a natural delivery without any interventions the woman pays 20.000 shillings (about $5). This is all the women can afford so the clinic refuses to increase the price, even though they struggle every month to pay the bills. By adding chiropractic to their services I hope more women and kids can be helped without the need of medication and the costs of the clinic goes down.”

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Dr. Prisca Rompen- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 40

Dr. Prisca Rompen- Chiropractic (Her)story Episode 40

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