DiscoverAhway IslandDragon Castle: a bedtime meditation and story
Dragon Castle: a bedtime meditation and story

Dragon Castle: a bedtime meditation and story

Update: 2020-02-12


It's time for a return visit to the beach. Dragon notices Paula Penguin needs a new home and makes her a dragon castle, with a little help from Benji the bucket.

Final 3 Dragon Breaths: 7:13

Narrator: Female

Dragon Castle Excerpt:

Scanning the warm stretch of sand to see if anyone was there, the careful dragon landed.  Squishy warm sand hugged the dragon’s feet.  The dragon walked slowly, looking for Benji the bucket.  Noticing a bit of blue sticking out of the sand, the dragon hurried over and pulled Benji out.

“Oh good you’re back.”  The bucket said.  “I can show you how to make a sand castle.”

The dragon smiled wide and nodded.

“Ok, you need sand, water, and me.”  The bucket said smiling.   “Carry me over to the water.  We’ll get that first.”

Again the dragon nodded, and carried Benji down to the waves.  The water rolled in and out, splashing and tickling the dragon’s feet with sea foam.  The dragon dipped the bucket into the water and filled Benji to the brim.  He carried Benji to a cozy spot in the sun and poured the water onto the sand.

Today’s Meditation: Relax in the grass as you imagine sunlight warming you from head to toe.

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Dragon Castle: a bedtime meditation and story

Dragon Castle: a bedtime meditation and story

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