Dreamcast Year One with Andrew Dickinson

Dreamcast Year One with Andrew Dickinson

Update: 2020-03-27


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In this episode, we sat down with Andrew Dickinson to talk about his new book Dreamcast: Year One. We also talk with Andrew about the essential Dreamcast games that he would recommend to anyone who is new to the Dreamcast, and we even drop Andrew off in the Thunder Plains

Which games did he choose? You'll have to listen in order to find out.

Make sure that you check out the full show notes for an analysis, links to related stuff and music credits http://wafflingtaylors.rocks/2020/03/27/dreamcast-year-one-with-andrew-dickinson/

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And definitely check out Andrew's book. You can find some information about it over on Twitter.

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Dreamcast Year One with Andrew Dickinson

Dreamcast Year One with Andrew Dickinson

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