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Dreaming Big and Finding Joy with Patricia Barnes

Dreaming Big and Finding Joy with Patricia Barnes

Update: 2020-09-29


Don't lose sight of the dream and don't let go of the joy!

When you think about this statement it is NOT one that you will hear coming from most coaches. Yet, as we journey through entrepreneurship we find that this statement needs to be engrained on our foundation. When we lose sight of the dream and we lose the joy it can lead to burnout.

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty. We going to get real about this for speakeasy listeners because a lot of y'all don't love what you're doing. Like you're not enjoying the business that you started. What started as a passion has ultimately turned into a punishment. Trust are not alone. There are many entrepreneurs that have gotten to that point of wanting to give up.

Don't worry! This is the episode for you! Patricia took us to the root of this shift in today's episode.

Here are a few things to ponder before you let go of that vision.
~ Have you said yes to do something that does not bring you joy?
~ Are you living up to someone else's expectations?
~ Do you find it difficult to say no?
~ Are you doing things out of an obligation to someone you admire?
~ Has time become a distraction to your goals?
~ How do you respond to disappointments?

When asking yourself these questions you are able to see things clearly. You take the emotion out of your decision making and focus on the facts. Truthfully, the facts don't always feel good.

Patricia Gems:
~ Remind yourself of what you have been called to do
~ Understand that there will be moments when things get a little tougher
~ You have to make time for fun
~ Take time to determine why you are saying yes
~ Sometimes you will need to have a coaching session with yourself
~ Make longterm adjustments for your joy

Taking the initiative to be all in is going to take more effort than people talk about. It may be getting up early or staying up late. There will be times when you have to win the fight against your comfort zone. Don't allow the climb up the mountain allow you to not take in the beauty of being on a mountain.

Seek God and put trust in the plan that he has for you!

We can't get everything we need from Uncle Google and Auntie YouTube. Some things will come from your own experience and willpower. Take the leap and learn to fly on the way down so you don't allow procrastination to steal your dream. Your dream is valuable because when you achieve blesses more than you.
Meet Patricia:

My name is Patricia Barnes. I am a motivational speaker, blogger, and founder of Go Patty LLC. Go Patty is a movement to inspire, motivate, and empower others to work through the pain, fears, and insecurities, become whole(spiritual, personal, interpersonal, mental, emotional, and financial), from broken to healed, dream big then take action, constantly work on personal development, and of course, have fun in between.

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Dreaming Big and Finding Joy with Patricia Barnes

Dreaming Big and Finding Joy with Patricia Barnes

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