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Driven Not Drained with Christopher Coultas

Driven Not Drained with Christopher Coultas

Update: 2021-09-15


It is important to understand what drives you to get out of bed in the morning. It is just as important to understand the motivation of your team. Christopher Coultas, along with his team at Leadership Worth Following, is the author of Driven Not Drained: Discover Your Path to Career Happiness, Effectiveness, and Influence. Chris shares the six components of the DriV model, which was designed to understand the why behind the what. With each component, there are competing priorities. For example, if you score high in productivity, you get your energy by doing things. This can become an issue as you move up the corporate ladder and find that you are delegating more tasks. Chris suggests understanding your drivers and drainers can help you find greater satisfaction in your job. Knowing what drives and drains your team can lead to more productivity and a better bottom line.

In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss:

  1. Driven vs. drained.
  2. Drained vs. burnout.
  3. The DriV model.
  4. Team culture and drivers.

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Driven Not Drained with Christopher Coultas

Driven Not Drained with Christopher Coultas