DrunkCast Q & A #2 | MTFP Ep.26

DrunkCast Q & A #2 | MTFP Ep.26

Update: 2019-08-20


Aaaaand we're BACK with the second installment of the DrunkCast Q & A. This is the monthly(ish) podcast where I get to sip on some smooth Kentucky bourbon and answer your questions about diet, exercise, and everything in-between. 

Full list of questions [with timestamps]:

[4:02] 1) You wake up one day 100 years in the future. The world is fucked. Like, way worse than Mad Max or Fallout 3. And there’s only one government left trying to save and revive humanity. But this government has discovered time travel. And they have a plan to save humanity: they will send one human back in time to bring back 12 of the biggest names from history to fight to the death to become the next leader of humanity. That human they choose is you. What 12 people from history do you pick (good, evil, male, female, historically known or not so well known — doesn’t matter)?

[18:23] 2) I hate love handles but I hate cutting more. The one time I saw some improvement was when I cut carbs drastically. Progress reversed pretty quickly though (pasta is life). Advice?

[21:13] 3) If you could be any animal, what would you be?

[26:22] 4) What is your biggest workout killer? Mine is when I get to the gym and have to take a dookie. Workout = dunzo

[28:32] 5) I’m a 41 year old mother of 2 (ages 6 and 9), 5’ 2.5” tall, weigh 108 lbs. I workout (boot camp classes at my local gym) 4x a week, eat 80/20 and am still skinny-fat (flabby triceps and thighs). I’m sure it’s tough to help with such limited info, but any ideas how to get that (admittedly little) yet very apparent and annoying fat burned off?? Thank you!

[34:24] 6) How many 8 year olds could you beat in a fight - explain your strategy

[37:31] 7) Why is 85g the standard serving size for vegetables and fruits? 

[38:51] 8) If there was such thing as McLeod’s law. What would it entail? 

[41:11] 9) Are probiotics necessary? 

[46:28] 10) How to shred fat without counting calories?

[51:22] 11) Boxers or briefs?

[53:09] 12) Food combining, fact or myth?

[56:49] 13) What’s your favorite family trip? 

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DrunkCast Q & A #2 | MTFP Ep.26

DrunkCast Q & A #2 | MTFP Ep.26

Matt McLeod