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Dylan Hronec: The Surfing Samurai

Dylan Hronec: The Surfing Samurai

Update: 2021-10-05


Dylan Hronec is a 29 year old surfer from North Bellmore, New York. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Dylan has tackled many obstacles to get to where he is today. He has been surfing for almost 11 years. He developed a love for the water from a young age, but was always involved in other sports as surfing was not considered a possibility for him. That is, until Dylan went online one day and came across videos of Jesse Billauer, an accomplished quadriplegic surfer, and became instantly determined. Dylan’s family supported this dream of his and started looking up possible surf outings in the area. They found a couple of local non-profits and soon enough, Dylan was riding his first wave. He is now more commonly known as The Surfing Samurai and has gone on to surf in Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool, competed in the US Adaptive surfing Championships and is a brand ambassador for both the We The 15 campaign and the Local Non-profit, Surf For All. He’s appeared in numerous media outlets such as CBS, ESPN, Buzzfeed and more. We are super stoked to have him as our guest on this episode of Swell Season Surf Radio.

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Dylan Hronec: The Surfing Samurai

Dylan Hronec: The Surfing Samurai

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