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E036 - The Future of Angular

E036 - The Future of Angular

Update: 2020-10-231


What is the future of Angular? What new features and improvements are being thought of and worked on? Will the developer experience improve? Panelists Brian Love and Aaron Frost sat down with Minko Gechev, a member of the developer relations team for Angular at Google and a longtime contributor to Angular through open-source, to answer some of those questions. And trust us, the future of Angular is bright, starting with all the amazing new features that are being built. The developer experience is only going to get better and faster. Minko shares with us a look into the potential future of Angular.

Minko shares with us a look into the potential future of Angular, including the future support for TypeScript 4 versions. The Angular team is committed to supporting future TypeScript versions that bring new features, improvements, and fixes to the language. We then learn about the transition of the Angular Language Service to leverage Ivy, the compilation and rendering engine shipped in Angular version 9, which will solve some inconsistency issues, but also provide some speed improvements in our IDE. We also learn about the migration that is going to happen from TSLint to ESLint, and what that transition is going to look like. Minko then discusses how the team is going to tackle the inlining of critical CSS in order to improve an application's First Contentful Paint time. Finally, we learn about a new and exciting developer tools extension that is going to help Angular developers to profile and inspect their applications.

Today, Angular is an incredible framework and platform for building web, mobile, and desktop applications, and we're excited by the outlook and possibilities moving forward! Listen in and join us as we get a sneak peek into that future.

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E036 - The Future of Angular

E036 - The Future of Angular