DiscoverThe Angular ShowE045 - Micro Frontends in Angular
E045 - Micro Frontends in Angular

E045 - Micro Frontends in Angular

Update: 2021-01-15


Micro-what?!? What is a micro frontend, what does it have to do with Angular, why would I want to use this strategy, and how do I go about implementing this in my organization?

These are all good questions. Whether you know what a micro frontend is, have never heard of it, or are currently implementing this strategy in your organization, this is an episode of the Angular Show that you do not want to miss.

Join panelists Aaron Frost, Brian Love, and Jennifer Wadella as they start their journey in learning about Micro Frontends in Angular. We had the privilege to sit down with Zama Khan Mohamed, who is an expert in Micro Frontends. Zama teaches us the basics of what a micro frontend is and why we would consider this strategy for our applications. Then, we dive into the details on how Angular developers and organizations using Angular, as well as a mix of other frameworks, can leverage Micro Frontends in their architecture. We also discuss some of the benefits and costs of this approach, and why you might want to consider using micro frontends. Finally, we also touch on Webpach version 5's new support for federated modules and the impact this has on how we build modern micro frontends.

Phew - that sounds like a lot, but have no fear, your friendly panelists are here to walk with you through this new landscape of micro frontends in the JavaScript ecosystem.

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E045 - Micro Frontends in Angular

E045 - Micro Frontends in Angular