DiscoverThe Angular ShowE048 - tslint to eslint Migration
E048 - tslint to eslint Migration

E048 - tslint to eslint Migration

Update: 2021-02-10


What is a linter? For some, a linter is that round brush-thingy with sticky paper that you use to remove your cat's fur from your otherwise beautiful jacket before going out in public. For computer software engineers, a linter is a program that uses static analysis to determine if there are potential errors, stylistic problems, or other suspicious operations in an application. Attempting to use your lint brush with an Angular application might be tricky, or perhaps, it's an alternative method to cleaning the grime off your screen that has been there for months and you can somehow see past every day. Instead, Angular developers have long relied on tslint, which is a lint tool specifically built for TypeScript. Things were good, well, mostly good, up until last year when, in the midst of quarantining and eating ramen, you read a tweet that said maintenance of tslint was coming to an end. So, what is an Angular developer to do?

Enter James Henry. James is a Consultant Architect for Nrwl, and generally coined by the Angular Show, as "that good looking guy at Narwhal" (not that everyone else isn't beautiful). James has worked alongside the eslint team for many years, and has provided a solution to those using TypeScript, and thus tslint, to migrate and leverage the power of eslint. James talks through his journey working with eslint, TypeScript, and more. To further prove that James good looking (scratch that)... an outstanding contributor to the community, James has provided a migration path for the most common tslint rules to eslint rules.

Should you migrate to eslint today? How difficult is it? What about my existing tslint rules? Those are all great questions, and the panelists will explore and learn from James the answers to those questions and more. Go ahead, subscribe, and have a listen.

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E048 - tslint to eslint Migration

E048 - tslint to eslint Migration