DiscoverThe Angular ShowE054 - Design Systems & Angular
E054 - Design Systems & Angular

E054 - Design Systems & Angular

Update: 2021-04-29


Let's be honest, most engineers are not good designers. Working closely with product and design teams improves our applications, and is necessary for building a successful product. So, what are design systems and what role do they play to solve this challenge?

In this episode of the Angular Show, we sit down with our friend Bill Odom. Bill loves Angular and his passion is to share his knowledge with the community, through speaking and teaching. Bill is a trainer at Oasis Digital that provides the popular Angular Bootcamp training. The panelists learn from Bill that design systems enable effective communication, planning, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of user interface and experience between engineering, design, and product development teams.

You can expect to learn what a design system is, how they are valuable to organizations, some widely used design systems today, integrating design systems with tooling to develop components in isolation such as Storybook, and how design tokens fit into the model. Angular is well-positioned for developing applications using modern tooling, including design tokens, design systems, and more. Don't forget to subscribe so you can follow along with the panelists as they learn from community members like Bill.

Show Notes:

Oasis Digital

Angular and CSS Grid: Get ready to fall in love - ng-conf 2019 -

Angular and Storybook, Oasis Digital - Nathan Kerr -,-oasis-digital
The benefits of a design system - Angular Berlin - Kai Röder -

Design tokens
WTF are Design Tokens? - Jina Anne -
Theo - SalesForce -
Style Dictionary - Amazon -

Why Angular is the best framework for a design system - Jan Greger Hemb -

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E054 - Design Systems & Angular

E054 - Design Systems & Angular