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E057 - Building an Online Community

E057 - Building an Online Community

Update: 2021-05-20


Ever wonder about being in Developer Relations (aka DevRel)? Or starting a meetup? Or building a technical community? In this episode, the panelists have the pleasure to sit down with Ana Cidre, a Developer Advocate at Auth0, and learn about how she got started with being a part of, and building, communities. Ana shares a bit of her story about how she got started, was mentored by Sherry List, and began engaging with technical communities, the JavaScript community, and of course, the Angular Community. Ana's story is both inspiration and education, and we know you will enjoy this special episode from the Angular Show.

Ana shares how being a DevRel is not about selling, rather, developer relations is about building tools and education so that developers will remember a specific product or solution when they need it. She also shares with us about the Avocado Labs initiative that she pioneers at Auth0. Avocado Labs provides educational online content for developers, focusing on frontend engineering technologies, and of course, security and identity management. Avocado Labs hosts online presentations and panels. They have upcoming events that you can sign up for, as well as recordings from past events.

In a rift with Ana about online communities, our beloved panelist Brian proposes an (according to Jennifer "cute") community idea called "async/await" where attendees consume some educational online content asynchronously on your own, and then gather later in-person, or online, to discuss, ask questions, or have a panel. It's an idea, and you hear it here first.

Finally, Ana shares with us the Auth0 Ambassador program, how it works, the perks, and more. You can learn more about the Ambassador program using a link in our show notes.

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E057 - Building an Online Community

E057 - Building an Online Community