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E058 - Angular Dev Tools

E058 - Angular Dev Tools

Update: 2021-05-28


The Angular Show invited Minko Gechev to come on the show and talk through some of the big Angular-related announcements, namely, Angular version 12, IE11 deprecation, and the shiny new Angular DevTools. Minko Gechev is a longtime contributor to Angular, a member of the Angular Team, a good friend of ours, and an all-around wonderful person to spend time with. To kick things off, Minko takes us through some of the big changes as part of the Angular version 12 release, including Ivy (no not the plant, the new-ish compilation and rendering pipeline in Angular) libraries and the final sail-off of ViewEngine (the thing that Ivy replaces), updates to the Language Service (VS Code plugin) to use Ivy, strict mode as the new default for new Angular projections, webpack 5 support, nullish coalescing operator in templates, and inline Sass. Phew!! That's a long list. I guess the team has been a bit busy. Hopefully, they got a break to attend Minko's amazing talk at Google I/O.

And that's just the Angular version 12 content we cover in this episode! We also talk about DevTools, the new Chrome extension for Angular developers from the Angular Team, its features, how it works, the integration with the Chome DevTools, and how you should never touch an internal Angular API with three theta symbols (joking, but, seriously, no touchy)! The new DevTools are available in the Chrome Web Store to download and install today, and will soon be available for Firefox.

Oh, we almost forgot! In the midst of all of these amazing technical accomplishments, the team snuck in some easy-peezy Tailwind CSS support for those of you that love to add dozens of classes to your HTML elements and are afraid of CSS (we get it, CSS is, like, really challenging). We're speculating that future versions of Angular might even write your CSS for you.

Angular as a platform continues to grow and thrive. Want to be a part of the journey? Go ahead and subscribe so you can listen to this info-packed episode with Minko, and you'll be sure to not miss a future episode. Subscribe today!

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Article about a Introducing Angular DevTools

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E058 - Angular Dev Tools

E058 - Angular Dev Tools