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E059 - i18n and l10n

E059 - i18n and l10n

Update: 2021-06-02


Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) can be critical for Angular applications that are used throughout a country, continent, or around the globe. As Angular developers, we have several tools at our disposal to accomplish i18n and l10n. As you might expect, since Angular is an opinionated framework that comes with batteries included, there is a solution provided by the Angular Team. What you might know is that the Angular Team made some big improvements in the localize package when Ivy, the new compilation and rendering pipeline for Angular that was released in version 9, was released that improves the development of Angular applications that support i18n and l10n. There are also a few community-driven open-source solutions for i18n with Angular, including Transloco and ngx-translate. With all of these options, which one should you choose?

Thankfully, as loyal subscribers and listeners to this very podcast, we want to help you make an informed decision. And to do that, as usual, we turn to an expert in the community. Please welcome, Kaitlyn Ekdahl, a Senior Software Engineer at Narwhal Technologies, to the Angular Show to teach us about i18n and l10n with Angular. Kaitlyn shares her experience and in-depth knowledge of using Angular's localize solution, Transloco, and ngx-translate. We discuss the pros and cons, and why you might choose one over the other.

Whether or not your current Angular applications require i18n and l10 today, this is an episode of the Angular Show that you do not want to miss. Share this with your colleagues and other Angular developers so that we the community can be educated, informed, and ready to build applications that can be used throughout our communities and throughout the world.

Show Notes:
i18n vs l10n -
Locl -
Introducing Transloco -
Runtime i18n with Ivy by Olivier Comb:
Angular Athens:

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E059 - i18n and l10n

E059 - i18n and l10n