E1: Murder in America - Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil

E1: Murder in America - Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil

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“It's time to talk about murder in America,” says Dr. Phil.  

Why do people resort to murder? What causes someone to kill? Learn what a new FBI study says about the “Pre-attack behaviors of active shooters in the United States.” Hear about the traits and characteristics of people who are considered most likely to commit mass shootings and school shootings.

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Mary Whitaker

I would hate to live in America and have to send my kids off to school each day, not knowing whether I'd ever see them again. This is a reality now in America. It's crazy!!!

Dec 6th

Erica Payne

I appreciated that discussion. There is just way too much misinformation going around and too many people who are panicked and causing more hysteria. Information is key to resolving any issue. Do we need tougher gun laws? More mental help? More intervention? Maybe a little of all, or none of the above, but this information provided will definitely help with making some of these decisions

Sep 10th

Xi Gilli

Dear Dr. Phil, I know you may not read these yourself; but, I'm pretty sure at least somebody is managing/reading your comments (especially for purposes of statistics of your own, which partly dictate your career). So, to whomever of the Dr. Phil crew is reading this, is there a way to post resource links for the statistics included in the podcasts? I know they can be searched for online; however, even with ALL your team, even you must be aware, that method can be like looking for a specific needle in a needle stack. I don't think I'm the only fan who would be unbelievably grateful for the gesture. Respectfully, and gratefully, Xi

Sep 4th

Beth O'Brien

Is society getting sicker?

Aug 21st
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Emily Jackson

This might be the years I spent in school...but I'm interested in knowing more about the statistics that were mentioned in this episode? Where did they come from and what was the data collection in building these numbers?

Jul 23rd
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Brooke Pipia

The public needs to know who to call when someone is in crisis. Who will actually do something to detain and evaluate an at risk individual? A pastor or school counselor isn't enough. If a person is a day away from committing mass murder or suicide no amount of talk therapy is enough on an outpatient basis. Unfortunately they won't even be admitted if you take them to the emergency room or call the cops. This is where the gap is in the system. Dr Phil the public needs a flowchart complete with numbers to call to show us how to deal with mental illnesses crisis. The chart needs to be in every Anericans's household.

Jul 19th
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omg so many ads !

Jul 18th
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E1: Murder in America - Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil

E1: Murder in America - Mystery and Murder: Analysis by Dr. Phil

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