DiscoverRecovering from ReligionE18: “Divine Currency” with Devin Singh
E18: “Divine Currency” with Devin Singh

E18: “Divine Currency” with Devin Singh

Update: 2019-07-11


Dr. Devin Singh is a social theorist and scholar of religion and theology, serving as Associate Professor of Religion at Dartmouth College. He received his Ph.D. from Yale, where he was named a Whiting Fellow, Yale's highest recognition for research in the humanities. He was also trained in social scientific theory and methods at the University of Chicago (M.A.), theology and divinity at Trinity International University (M.Div.), and religious studies at Pomona College (B.A.).

Devin has a rich and diverse ethnic and theological background, and says his study of religion was a way of making sense of his upbringing and the complexities of the world he encountered, and to help others see, appreciate, and navigate the nuance and complexities of life together on this planet. He is motivated to further mutual understanding, toleration, justice, and compassion--as well as meaningful and sustainable work, productivity, and value creation. 

In this episode, we talk about his book “Divine Currency” that delves into how economic ideas structured early Christian thought and society, giving crucial insight into why money holds such sway in the West. The book examines the religious and theological sources of money's power, it shows how early Christian thinkers borrowed ancient notions and metaphors of money and economic exchange from the Roman Empire as a basis for their new theological arguments. 

Devin's website:

Devin’s book: Divine Currency: The Theological Power of Money in the West. 

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E18: “Divine Currency” with Devin Singh

E18: “Divine Currency” with Devin Singh

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