DiscoverHow to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue StreamsE19: Revenue Stream Checklist with Artivist Steff Reed
E19: Revenue Stream Checklist with Artivist Steff Reed

E19: Revenue Stream Checklist with Artivist Steff Reed

Update: 2021-08-16


Today’s episode ensures you haven’t missed a single revenue stream we’ve discussed to-date! Host Emily White reviews all revenue streams you should be collecting on if you write, record / release, and play music live. If not, you’re missing out on money!

To dig in deeper, Emily then interviews musician, educator, and activist Steff Reed. Reed has gained national acclaim as a producer and songwriter having worked with the likes of Trey Songz, Jhene Aiko, Eric Roberson, Swizz Beatz, Kenny Lattimore and Gordon Chambers on songs that made it to the Billboard charts. As an Educator, Reed has taught thousands of youth between the ages 4-24 over the last 15 years and is a GRAMMY Music Educator Award nominee.

Steff is also a proponent of Chapter 10 of the book this podcast is based on - Revenue Stream Checklist. In this chapter, Emily offers readers a free Google spreadsheet with the goal of musicians being able to track and project their music revenue Kind of like a “real” job, but in a good way. This also ensures that musician’s aren’t *missing* any revenue streams. As if there’s a blank entry in the spreadsheet, you are missing out on revenue. When writing the book, Emily wondered if musicians would use this tool and find it helpful. Steff did just that and in this episode they review all previous revenue streams covered in the book and podcast and explore Steff’s powerful career.

You can check out the spreadsheet here to download and make your very own copy:

Follow Steff on Instagram here: @IAmSteffReed

Happy listening!

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E19: Revenue Stream Checklist with Artivist Steff Reed

E19: Revenue Stream Checklist with Artivist Steff Reed

Emily White