Discover"Upstream" with Erik TorenbergE45: Bayeslord and Nadia Asparouhova on Effective Accelerationism
E45: Bayeslord and Nadia Asparouhova on Effective Accelerationism

E45: Bayeslord and Nadia Asparouhova on Effective Accelerationism

Update: 2024-02-09


On this episode of Upstream, Erik sits down with e/acc founder Bayeslord and writer Nadia Asparouhova to discuss the foundations and future of the e/acc movement.

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@nayafia (Nadia)

@eriktorenberg (Erik)





(00:00 ) Episode Preview

(01:40 ) Understanding the Perception of E/ACC

(03:14 ) The Impact of E/ACC on Tech Culture

(05:38 ) Nadia's Perspective on E/ACC

(14:30 ) Evolution of Tech Culture


(29:55 ) Influence of Elon Musk on Tech Culture

(45:07 ) Leadership in E/ACC

(47:05 ) Understanding Journalistic Patterns & Social Dynamics

(48:36 ) Impact of Social Media

(49:40 ) Role of AI in Shaping the Future

(50:50 ) Social Impact of Technology: A Critical View

(52:44 ) Dichotomy of Tech: Good or Bad?

(53:42 ) Evolution of Web 2.0 and Its Consequences

(55:30 ) Future of AI and Potential Risks

(57:31 ) Philosophy of E/ACC

(01:26:14 ) The Future of E/ACC: Phase Two and Beyond


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E45: Bayeslord and Nadia Asparouhova on Effective Accelerationism

E45: Bayeslord and Nadia Asparouhova on Effective Accelerationism

Erik Torenberg