DiscoverSuccess ChampionsEP:180 How To Become A Guest on Podcasts
EP:180 How To Become A Guest on Podcasts

EP:180 How To Become A Guest on Podcasts

Update: 2019-02-08


Being a guest on a podcast is a great way to promote yourself, Your company and your services. 

It is pretty simple to become a guest, and in this episode, I will walk you through not only how to find a podcast to be a guest on, but what do when you're on the show. Here is a hint go big and go loud.

The only way to think about being a guest by proactively reaching out to podcast hosts and promoting yourself as a potential guest.

By Playing offense with your guesting" strategy, you will find creative ways to not only become a guest but also set a number of shows you will be on each month. 

There are now over six hundred thousand podcasts in the market place so why should you be a guest? 

By appearing on podcasts as a guest expert for an interview or a guest co-host or panelist for an episode, you have the opportunity to market yourself and your podcast to that audience.

Once you identify the audience you’re trying to reach, you need to find these podcasts online. There are a few ways:

  • You can search in iTunes for specific keywords
  • You can browse podcasts by category on all platforms
  • You can search on Google for podcasts that your target market might listen to (Searching for things like “Target Market + Podcast”)
  • You can browse online podcast directories

Create a database of podcasts you want to go after with URLs and contact information.

Then its all about the numbers.

  1. Set a number of reach-outs you will do on a daily basis
  2. When you pitch yourself 
    1. Know what the show is about
    2. Listen to an episode and reference in the pitch with a few takeaways
    3. Understand what the podcast is trying to accomplish
    4. Pitch with what the audience will get out of the episode
    5. Don't be self-serving help the podcaster understand what value you will bring to the audience
    6. Don't BS your numbers
    7. Don't start with I wrote a book, lead in why you could share your story a good podcaster when then help you promote your book
  3. Understand how many reach-outs you need to land a podcast guest gig
  4. Starting out targeting shows with less than 10 episodes (You are likely the first person who has asked to be a guest on the show. 
  5. Relax it's simply a conversation

Once you're on the show,

  1. help the podcaster deliver a good show by, researching before you go on about show flow and questions they may ask.
  2. Don't monologue the entire show, this is their show let them get their thoughts in
  3. Don't overpromote yourself - Gently nudge that you wrote a book or that you have something to sell.
  4. Relax its just a conversation

After the show airs

  1. Promote the show for the podcaster
  2. Send a thank you for the interview
  3. Leave them a review on iTunes
  4. Suggest another guest they may be a fit for the show

Share the show again 30 days later. We have found that if you share the show again 30 days later, you will usually get more traction with their audience. Think about a time you had heard something the first time and thought "I should reach out" then you got busy, But then you hear it again and BAM you take action. It's the same thing when you are a guest.

At the end of the day have fun, remember its just a conversation and make the podcaster look like a champ, and you will win.

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EP:180 How To Become A Guest on Podcasts

EP:180 How To Become A Guest on Podcasts

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