DiscoverJust Thinking PodcastEP # 095 | Pornography in the Church
EP # 095 | Pornography in the Church

EP # 095 | Pornography in the Church

Update: 2020-04-159



The statistics tell the story — pornography is a destroyer. It destroys marriages, families, careers, and reputations. In other words, pornography destroys lives. Christians are not immune to this scourge. And yet pornography remains one of the least-addressed issues in the church today. In one of the most crucial episodes ever produced by the Just Thinking podcast, Darrell and Virgil (“Omaha”) look to Scripture for answers to why pornography is such a problem for so many — including within the church — and how the gospel of Christ can lead to freedom from its unmerciful enslavement.

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EP # 095 | Pornography in the Church

EP # 095 | Pornography in the Church

Darrell Harrison & Virgil Walker