DiscoverThe IPS Podcast | Educational Platform on LifeEP 033 - Empathy: It’s Not a Feeling; It’s a Practice - Karen Faith
EP 033 - Empathy: It’s Not a Feeling; It’s a Practice - Karen Faith

EP 033 - Empathy: It’s Not a Feeling; It’s a Practice - Karen Faith

Update: 2023-02-07


“Compassion is for people who are suffering. Sympathy is for people who are suffering. Empathy is stepping out of my point of view and stepping into your point of view. And I can do that with you if you are happy, if you are confused, if you are suffering or not suffering.” - Karen Faith

Empathy is a practice, not a feeling.

Yes, you read that right.

Whether you’re naturally good at feeling it or not, there is a set of skills behind empathy that anyone can learn and get better at.

Knowing this opens a door that some people might feel has never existed for them before. And for others, it opens up the possibility to connect even more deeply with the people around them.

In this episode on The IPS Podcast, we invited Karen Faith, empathy trainer and founder of Others Unlimited—a professional training and coaching firm that provides empathy training to brands, teams, and individuals.

Some of the Questions:

  • How have you come to the realization that empathy is indeed a practice and not a feeling?

  • Have you noticed a difference between men and women in how they show empathy?

  • What are some small or big things that you have noticed people doing that they think are helpful, but in reality are actually rather standing in the way of creating a true connection with someone?

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

  • What ultimately led Karen to start Others Unlimited and give trainings on empathy

  • An exercise that Karen uses in her workshops to strengthen empathy

  • What unconditional welcome is

Show notes for this episode with all the resources and ways to connect with Karen:


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EP 033 - Empathy: It’s Not a Feeling; It’s a Practice - Karen Faith

EP 033 - Empathy: It’s Not a Feeling; It’s a Practice - Karen Faith

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