DiscoverThe Sheri + Nancy ShowEP 122 Discovering Your Life’s Purpose
EP 122 Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

EP 122 Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Update: 2020-04-142


Sheri and Nancy are diving into the deep end of the pool, embracing Jack Canfield’s best-selling The Success Principles Workbook in a big way, and wow… things are happening. 

Nancy has had an epiphany. She sees that she’s a life-long excuse maker and finally decides to master this part of her life, starting with a daily yoga practice she’s been putting off for too long. In the same vein, Sheri realizes she complains too much and has decided to make a huge shift to a non-blaming, non-complaining life. 

Nancy leads us through Chapter 2 of the workbook, which is all about finding our life’s purpose. She looks back on her most joyful times: raising her kids, falling in love with David, working with her beloved BrandStory clients. Sheri talks about finally coming out from behind the scenes and claiming her space on the center stage. One big takeaway from this chapter is that sometimes realizing your life’s purpose is more a subtle knowing than an explosion of fireworks. 

Sheri leads Chapter 3, which is all about envisioning your ideal life (Sheri calls this Chapter “Desire and Conjure”). Jack’s first gem of the chapter is that you deserve to have everything in your life, exactly as you want it. His second gem is, for every goal you have, 10x it (especially your money dreams).  Pillar by Pillar, Sheri and Nancy review how to vision each area of their lives, dreaming beyond all their previous expectations. They vow to make it part of their morning Dream Practice.

Here’s what we know for sure: There’s no happy ending to an unhappy journey (Abraham-Hicks). The Success Principles Series is an exercise in upliftment. Join in and have some fun. 


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EP 122 Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

EP 122 Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Sheri and Nancy