DiscoverSexy Biz BabeEP 36: Best Marketing Tips 2020
EP 36: Best Marketing Tips 2020

EP 36: Best Marketing Tips 2020

Update: 2020-01-18


Best Marketing Tips for 2020


You need to learn how to stand out from the competition this year and stop copying everyone else. No more blending in. It is time to catch onto the trends and be ahead of the game. Attention is how you get success. Go where the attention is. Where is the attention now? Well, for starters TikTok is exploding and has over 1.5 people that downloaded it and it is growing daily. Stop saying its for your 13 year old and catch on NOW. Also, add me @tia.lynn7 :D I post great stuff and I'm going to add more value starting NOW.


Social media is a no brainer, so start using it. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like it, if you aren’t on it, you aren’t being smart in your business.


- Have a PLAN - don’t just throw shit at the wall and hope it sticks

- create a plan

- Know your audience

- Give them what they want.


Stop being predictable in your marketing, you gotta spice it up and add new things. People will become numb to your social media if you do the same thing over and over.

Create more than you consume.


Give Give Give you can’t give enough  - most people won’t take your advice  - think of it as a long game.


You may not get a return on investment right away, but down the line YOU will be the one people think about.



Get on the trends ASAP - don’t wait for everyone else to, learn, do


Get on Tiktok ahead of the game, learn it. Add me - @tia.lynn7



Think ahead. Don’t miss out like blockbuster, kodak, printing services,



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EP 36: Best Marketing Tips 2020

EP 36: Best Marketing Tips 2020

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