DiscoverGo Be Great Podcast with Jackie Capers-BrownEP 55: Gratitude, Grief + Grace with Stacy Gregg
EP 55: Gratitude, Grief + Grace with Stacy Gregg

EP 55: Gratitude, Grief + Grace with Stacy Gregg

Update: 2020-11-14


Today in the guest chair is Stacy Gregg. Stacy Gregg, CPPO, CPPB is a passionate advocate for the public procurement profession.  As such, she works by a set of values and guiding principles, which include accountability, ethical practice, professionalism, and service.  All of which Stacy believes is true to who she should be as a woman of God.  

 As a procurement professional, she has the rare gift of being analytical and personable. She’s a woman whose faith serves as the foundation for her personal and professional values.

Her commitment to being an example for her inspired her to return to college and finish her college degree while her commitment to her parents as a caretaker when they were alive speaks to her character and personal values.

This conversation will speak to your heart and inspire you to make the most of your life, prioritize your relationships, and encourage you to have faith in your dreams and goals and start taking action toward the achievement of them.

Why You Should Listen to this Episode

  •  You’ll discover insights Stacy is learning from being an empty nester
  •  How Stacy’s daughter served as her compelling WHY to finish her college degree
  •  The importance of finishing what you started
  •  How to be intentional about your future
  •  Why aligning your actions with personal values makes you happier and more successful
  •  We’re all assigned a different truth to experience our greatness
  •  How oneness of purpose creates social movement and team success
  •  Start to create social change in your local community
  •  Stacy’s thoughts about the privatization of prison’s in the U.S.
  •  How she transformed her pain from the loss of both of her parents in 2009
  •  How exercising our freedom of choice impacts our quality of life
  •  Honoring the truth of your feelings and emotion
  •  Grief is a tribute to the people
  •  Focus on the promise, know there is a purpose and stop dripping over the process
  •  Why it’s important to be curious about your future
  •  Take your experience to make it medicine to help others 


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EP 55: Gratitude, Grief + Grace with Stacy Gregg

EP 55: Gratitude, Grief + Grace with Stacy Gregg

Jackie Capers-Brown