Discoverforloop PodEP.14 - Building a Blockchain Startup
EP.14 - Building a Blockchain Startup

EP.14 - Building a Blockchain Startup

Update: 2019-06-19


Show Notes:

  • Meet Tomiwa(02:29

  • What is BuyCoins Africa About? (03:29)

  • What brought about the idea for you and your co-founders to take on building BuyCoins Africa? (04:09)

  • How does Cryptocurrency and Blockchain differ? (06:53)

  • How daunting was it at your first trial while building out the startup? (10:30)

  • In January (2019), Your team hit $2M in transaction, how did that feel? (12:24)

  • How has the hiring/recruitment process for your team been? (12:52)

  • How would you describe the Blockchain development culture in Nigeria? (16:11)

  • How does your team mitigate the risks involved in building a startup in your business ecosystem? (18:30)

  • How does your team deal with security and vulnerability in your field? (23:06)

  • What regulatory bodies are your startup governed by? (25:30)

  • What are some of the actions you expect of the regulatory bodies? (27:13)

  • How does your team mitigate Fraud? (28:22)

  • What was the process and experience like for your team, being selected into Ycombinator? (30:34)

  • Would you contribute your investors' network to Ycombinator? (34:16)

  • Are there times you and your co-founders have gotten really frustrated along the line? (35:25)

  • How has it been working with your teammates? (37:58)

  • What's has been the most disapproving feedback you have gotten from users/customers? (41:25)

  • Any available resources for potential Blockchain developers? (43:27)

  • Any advice for potential founders in the blockchain space?(45:16)

Extra Notes:

  • Find out more about BuyCoins Africa here

  • Connect with Tomiwa via

  • Join our slack channel here 

  • intro and outro music: bensound - dubstep

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EP.14 - Building a Blockchain Startup

EP.14 - Building a Blockchain Startup

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