DiscoverFine Tune with Corby FineEP1 - My Three Team Rules
EP1 - My Three Team Rules

EP1 - My Three Team Rules

Update: 2020-03-291


Everyone is a population of 1.

For me, that is no more evident than in my career path. Over 20 years, I have gone from coding databases to selling Viagra to running a 2MM customer digital bank.

I have decided to launch this Podcast, FineTune with Corby Fine, for those of you who are looking to 'Fine Tune' your business, your team or yourself.  I am going to offer innovative ideas, opinions and examples to address all kinds of different challenges, while identifying opportunities to help you innovate and succeed using my two decades of experience. You will hear and learn from the best interviews, case studies and ideas in marketing, digital transformation, analytics and leadership.  I promise you that in every episode, there will be those one or two nuggets that you can action...not just theory, but challenges for you to tackle head on. Ready to learn something new...then let’s go...

For today’s initial Podcast. I wanted to give a little bit of context to who I am, how I think, and why you should keep listening after this initial pilot episode...and there is no better way to start than to try and give you some context as to my leadership style and how I approach teams that work with me.  How you manage people is a good sign of how you think and act in other areas of your life as well.









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EP1 - My Three Team Rules

EP1 - My Three Team Rules

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