DiscoverThe Social ChangemakerEP1 - Big Social Experiment with William Burdette
EP1 - Big Social Experiment with William Burdette

EP1 - Big Social Experiment with William Burdette

Update: 2019-06-21


There are a million ways to work on a social problem. What’s the one, two, or five that are going to have a really big impact?

Whether it’s homicide, incarceration, teenage pregnancies, child mortality, or drug addiction, all of these social problems can be tied back to one single cause. But do you know what that is? Would you even know how to address it if you knew? It isn’t obvious, and it might require serious collaboration to affect it. But imagine if we could eradicate 11 social dysfunctions together in one fell swoop.

We invite you to look at the world for a moment, with all the people in it, as a big spherical machine of human interaction, wrought with all sorts of games, systems, emotions, pushes, and pulls - each affecting one another in ways even the most expert of the species cannot predict.

Although some of our systems produce positive outcomes for a few, many of them have unintended negative consequences on many, and the inherent causes of these consequences can hide behind their symptoms for decades.

There are always key moves at the top of the machine that affect all the other parts. It’s time to stop playing social change Whack-a-Mole by addressing the parts without looking at the whole.

In this episode, we’ll hear from Center for Social Change founder and CEO, William Burdette about how he built a social laboratory that brings together the best service-oriented minds in the nonprofit sector to collaborate on solving the hidden causes of the world’s social problems.

William will share the systems thinking required to see through the symptoms of social problems to pinpoint their root causes. He’ll also discuss ways nonprofits in the Center for Social Change network have leveraged their strengths to grow to the next level.

Learn more about William Burdette and CDC Deposits Corp. at:

Episode host: Daniel Puder, CEO of My Life My Power.
Editing by: Edward Davis
Recorded at the Center for Social Change.
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Music: The Vendetta by Stefan Kartenberg (c) copyright 2018 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Apoxode

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EP1 - Big Social Experiment with William Burdette

EP1 - Big Social Experiment with William Burdette

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