DiscoverCrimes and ConsequencesEP119: The Murder of Missy Avila
EP119: The Murder of Missy Avila

EP119: The Murder of Missy Avila

Update: 2022-01-172


On October 1, 1985, Michele “Missy” Avila went out one afternoon after school to go party with some friends at a nearby park. When she left her home, she told her mom she would be home by 6pm. Missy never came home. Her friend that had picked her up said that Missy had left the park with three young men in a blue Camaro that her friend didn’t know. Her body was found three days later in a stream in Tujunga Canyon. The investigation went cold after three years and was only solved when someone who had witnessed the murder came forward to tell the whole tale.

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Sources for Episode:
"Missy's Murder" by Karen Kingsbury
Last woman convicted in Missy Avila murder released from prison on Monday
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Exclusive: Killer will not profit from selling story of 17-year-old’s girl’s murder
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Lala Adams

The very second y'all said her hair was cut, I KNEW it was a female. Sad SAD story 😢

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EP119: The Murder of Missy Avila

EP119: The Murder of Missy Avila

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