DiscoverCrimes and ConsequencesEP123: The Wells Gray Park Murders
EP123: The Wells Gray Park Murders

EP123: The Wells Gray Park Murders

Update: 2022-02-14


On August 2, 1982, the Johnson Family—dad Bob, mom Jackie, and daughters Janet and Karen, set off for a two-week summer vacation at the Wells Gray Park located in Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada along with Jackie’s parents, Edith and George. What was supposed to be a wonderful two weeks, spent exploring the great outdoors, fishing, swimming, and nightly campfires roasting marshmallows – turned into a senseless murder spree that annihilated six members of the same family.

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1) "Murder Times Six: The True Story of the Wells Gray Murders" by Alan R. Warren
2) CBC article: Parole denied for B.C. man who murdered family of 6 on camping trip in 1982
3) David Shearing's Murderpedia Page
4) Strange Outdoors: The disturbing story of David Shearing and the Wells Gray Park camping murders
5) Global News article: Petition growing to keep Wells Gray murderer behind bars
6) article: David Shearing and the Wells Gray Park Murders
7) Coast Mountain News article: Conditional release not recommended for B.C. man who killed family of 6: parole officer








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EP123: The Wells Gray Park Murders

EP123: The Wells Gray Park Murders

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