DiscoverThe Lauren of Love PodcastEP197 Awaken Your Wealth Series Day 1
EP197 Awaken Your Wealth Series Day 1

EP197 Awaken Your Wealth Series Day 1

Update: 2020-10-19


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How many times have you felt frustrated and like you’re spinning your wheels in your online business?

“It’s so hard to make money. It’s so hard to find clients. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“I am an emotional rollercoaster. I feel like I never gain any traction. All I hear is crickets.”

“I’ve been ready to quit my full-time job forever!”

“I am starting to lose faith that I can actually do this.”

Sound familiar? I’ve been there, babe.

You are worthy. You are capable, and you can do this.

How do I know?

I’ve seen so many just like you do it, myself included!

Isn’t it time to finally get the audience and the income that you’ve been craving?

It’s time to take the step to transform your business reality once and for all with the Six Figure Biz Babe online group program!


  • Get clear on the six-figure version of you and the steps you need to implement to create your new self

  • Create crystal clear clarity on your niche and ideal client so you know exactly who you help (in a way that doesn't feel restricting or "too vague."

  • Heal your relationship with sales with my unique method of selling that never feels uncomfortable and always feels aligned.

  • Identify the negative blocks that are holding you back and heal them once and for all! Say goodbye to burnout, icky sales vibes and resistance around success.

  • Develop a business module that allows for multiple revenue streams while also creating time freedom (I share the steps with you inside SFBB!)

  • Rewrite your beliefs and step into your new self (letting go of self sabotage, fear of failure, inconsistency, doubt and insecurity.

  • Learn how to make decisions in your business quickly & with grace (decisions that will be easier with the strategy an framework for business strategy you will learn inside SFBB!)

  • Redefine your personal and business values for success so that you heal your relationship with lack and embody your wealth, leadership and authenticity.

  • Learn how to overcome the fear of the saturated market and have a client attraction strategy that brings clients to YOU!

  • Reframe the role of the network marketer, coach, or business owner you are so that you have a clear business model to scale into multiple revenue streams (I'll show you how with my SFBB formula!)

  • Discover the strategy to grow your following authentically (and organically)

  • Learn how to create a raving community that supports all you do

  • Learn the exact strategy I used to build a six-figure foundation for my business

  • Identify your leadership style and niche, shift / grow into your own unique offers that feel aligned in your soul and create massive revenue!

  • Design your roadmap to wealth

  • Create and strengthen your self as an expert, an influencer, your personal brand

  • Connect all the pieces to become a Six Figure Biz Babe










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EP197 Awaken Your Wealth Series Day 1

EP197 Awaken Your Wealth Series Day 1

Lauren Eliz Love