DiscoverTag Me In PodcastEP29 - Your Network is your net worth!
EP29 - Your Network is your net worth!

EP29 - Your Network is your net worth!

Update: 2018-03-04


EP29 - Your Network is your net worth!

In true Tag Me In Podcast fashion how Ola conquered his fears of public speaking as mentioned on EP10 - Public Speaking or Die

Join Anton and Ola as they discuss the events of Toast2Young London networking event, where they hosted (for the first time) with some amazing panellists who shared their current levels of success, as well as their trials and tribulations.

They also discuss the power and importance of one's network and circle. They say your network is your net worth, and that couldn’t be truer!

The panellist included:-

Mariam Mola -

Mariam is an entrepreneur, author and founder of Europe’s leading female mentoring initiative, Mentor MatcHER. Mariam founded Mentor MatcHER after giving birth to her daughter in prison and seeing the lack of support available to women in business and the workplace.

On top of this, they also go into networking do’s and don’ts, the importance of going in with a giving mindset, as oppose to just wanting to take from others.

Solomon Smith & Mohamed Hashi -

Brixton Soup Kitchen, founded in January 2013, when Solomon Smith and Mohamed Hashi, Lambeth youth workers and lifelong Brixtonians realised there was a desperate need for such an organisation. The Brixton Soup Kitchen is currently open four days a week and offers so much more than hot food and drinks; they provide CV workshops, job guidance and advice on housing and benefits.

Jamelia Donaldson

When 26-year old, London born Jamelia Donaldson told naturalists across the UK, “The hunt is over”, she wasn’t joking. The founder of Treasure Tress, has been able to draw on her personal experiences and knowledge to provide an impeccable hair care service which equips young girls and women across the world with quality products and tools to care for their natural hair.

Moses Adeyemi -

Founder of Silverline Project, motivational speaker, and coach, Moses turned his life around after a troubled youth and time in prison. He soon realised that in order to change his life around he needed to develop discipline and focus, and upon achieving this, is now sharing his journey and knowledge to help others bring lasting change to their lives.

They all give amazing insight into their journies highlighting the network formed along the way, challenges faced, books that helped shaped who they are, mistakes made and the importance of naturing your relationships.

What our network has done for us?

Mohamed of Brixton soup kitchen said having a network and the right individuals can help you accelerate to your destination and this statement is tr with e.

Along our journeys we have made some excellent contact which has excelled our development and growth, it is important to build new connections whether it career related or business.

Networking doesn't have to be all about business, it could be about forming new relationship and friendship.

Here are some of our tips:-

Speak to as many people - You have a fixed amount of time to make contact with the people around try and find a balance between being a serial networker and forming meaningful connections

Build connection first - Don't hand your business card to everyone you come across, try and build a rapport with the person you are talking to.

 Why are you there? - Establish the reason you have attended the event, what are you hoping to get out of the event.

Be confidence - No magic potion here but take a deep breath and ground yourself, adopt the superman power pose to give the image of confidence.

Get their early - To avoid anxiety and feeling overwhelmed head to the venue early, smaller crowds will make things easier for you

Two or Three people in a group - Tackle small group as opposed to large one, it just makes it easier to make a connection.









EP29 - Your Network is your net worth!

EP29 - Your Network is your net worth!