DiscoverFine Tune with Corby FineEP6 - The Power of the LinkedIn Platform
EP6 - The Power of the LinkedIn Platform

EP6 - The Power of the LinkedIn Platform

Update: 2020-05-011


I consider myself a "power user" on the LinkedIn platform, having had my profile used in sales pitches by LinkedIn sales representatives over the years. I love the platform, it's power and it's ability to maintain my professional identity. I have used it to get jobs, make meaningful and valuable connections, to help others in their own career endeavours, among many other useful purposes. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Diana Luu, Head of Marketing Solutions Canada & Business Services North America at LinkedIn about LinkedIn and some useful tips and tricks we can all use (and should).  Here is a quick synopsis of some of our discussion.

Tip 1 - Update your profile as you accomplish things, your LinkedIn profile should always be changing.

Tip 2 - Accept anyone credible even if you haven’t met them - you never know when you might need that connection.

Tip 3 - Have a completed profile (don’t forget the pic as it makes you 21 times more likely to get a view).

Tip 4 - Personalize the background image - it says something about YOU!

Tip 5 - Add personal elements to your summary and see what happens (PS I like funky socks). 

And the NEVER do’s

1. Don’t lie - this is your professional identity of record.

2. Don’t have an incomplete profile.

3. Don’t overshare (and make what you share relevant).

4. Don’t share for the sake of sharing, have an opinion even if it isn’t that of others - be authentic.

5. Don’t be negative and derogatory

 …and don’t forget my tips on using LinkedIn as a business development and research tool - listen in for the secrets.









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EP6 - The Power of the LinkedIn Platform

EP6 - The Power of the LinkedIn Platform

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