DiscoverFine Tune with Corby FineEP8 - Will we Ever Step Foot in a Gym Again?
EP8 - Will we Ever Step Foot in a Gym Again?

EP8 - Will we Ever Step Foot in a Gym Again?

Update: 2020-05-10


A recent poll posted to 2,200 Americans by Statistica asked one simple question to try and see the impact of the coronavirus on consumer sentiment about going back to the gym. The results weren't all that surprising. 69% of respondents said they were much less likely to go to the gym and a combined 75% somewhat or much less likely.  That's a pretty scary set of numbers for studio owners.

Given those numbers I decided to ask someone in the industry how they are preparing for a post coronavirus world. That someone is Jonathan Fagg, head of Digital and Media for GoodLife Fitness, the largest fitness company in Canada and the fourth largest in the world with 1,500,000 members, over 400 clubs across Canada, and over 13,000 associates.

Jonathan and I discuss the convergence of digital and physical in the new world of fitness, and how the definition of a customer is changing and will include members that might never step foot inside one of their studios. This digital only customer is a new phenomenon for GoodLife, but not for companies like Peloton and newer entrants like Tonal.

As part of GoodLife's initial foray into a more digital first approach, they have launched a new digital gym called #GoodLifeAtHome to help Canadians discover new and different ways to live a healthy life and stay #CanadianStrong while staying in. As part of this initiative, all Canadians will have access to the weekly schedule of free workouts, wellness tips and free live classes on GoodLife’s social channels (@GoodLifeFitness), designed to keep everyone active from the safety of their own home. Check them out at

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EP8 - Will we Ever Step Foot in a Gym Again?

EP8 - Will we Ever Step Foot in a Gym Again?

Corby Fine