DiscoverFine Tune with Corby FineEP9 - Starting a New Job in a Pandemic
EP9 - Starting a New Job in a Pandemic

EP9 - Starting a New Job in a Pandemic

Update: 2020-05-18


It’s completely natural to be nervous when starting a new job. New people, new office, new commute, new culture... new coffee. But in the age of the pandemic, more and more people are starting their new jobs from home. Alone. With no direct connection to their new team other than through screens.

So what happens when your first day is remote? What if many days, weeks and even months after that are also remote? What if you aren’t able to meet your boss, your colleagues and your own team for a while? How will you get to know your coworkers, get up to speed on how to do your job, or even know who to contact when you have questions?

Remote work and remote onboarding are the current norm and it just might be that way for the long term. In this episode I talk about my own experience starting my new job in March, and also speak to two others who went through their own remote onboarding experiences. Len Ball and Dean Guest have some great insights and recommendations on succeeding through a remote job start. Key to remember, you aren't the only one adapting to the new way of work. It's important to remember that your team, your boss and your customers are too.

I also had the chance to speak to Evan Hallward, co-founder of a new startup, Aboard, which is focused on assisting organizations in creating virtual onboarding programs. Given the current transition of the workplace, they just might be onto something big!

Listen to the rest of my podcast as well and let me know what you think by subscribing to my email list. I hope you enjoy listening. If you have any ideas for other interviews or topics, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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EP9 - Starting a New Job in a Pandemic

EP9 - Starting a New Job in a Pandemic

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