DiscoverEverything Matters PodcastEPI #17 - A Purpose Bigger Than Prison | Gregory Rutledge Jr
EPI #17 - A Purpose Bigger Than Prison | Gregory Rutledge Jr

EPI #17 - A Purpose Bigger Than Prison | Gregory Rutledge Jr

Update: 2022-11-11


Not even a stint in prison could hold down his dream...what's your excuse?!

Mr. Gregory (Greg) Rutledge, Jr. is the Founder of Atlanta Barber Institute, Inc. (ATLBI).Β  He is an Entrepreneur, Licensed Master Educator and Licensed Master Barber and the architect behind the creation of the most innovative and cutting-edge barbering school in existence. Gregory holds additional certifications in Advanced Hair Colorist, (SMP) Scalp Micropigmentation, MicroBlading, NanoBlading and Hair Replacement Units due to Alopecia. He was recently recognized for his Outstanding Leadership by the Education 2.0 USA recently held in Las Vegas, NV.

Gregory picked up his first pair of clippers at the age of 12 in his mother’s kitchen and found an immediate interest in the craft, However, his teen years came and he found trouble that would cost him 20 years of his life in prison. Decades later, he decided to pursue that heart-held career as a barber, and he deepended his education within the barbering industry so that he could extend his career and his reach beyond the barber chair. Coming from a family of educators, he knew education was the key to making the impact he wanted to make. He did the necessary research in the State of Georgia to discover what it would take to open up an educational institution for barbering. He dared to dream big, and what he would create goes far beyond that dream he once had. He now serves dozens of barbering students, men and women, each year, and is fully living his passion.

Gregory is keenly aware of the serious need for more tradespeople in a variety of industries, and he continues to work with young people, offering employment through Rutledge Maintenance Services, a family-owned Heating & Air Conditioning company that his sons operate together. As a society we are doing wrong by so many of our unemployed adults and underemployed young people. I’ve proven I can do it before, now I’m doing it again. And who does it benefit? Our local community, our local economy, our next generation. Enjoy the podcast.

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EPI #17 - A Purpose Bigger Than Prison | Gregory Rutledge Jr

EPI #17 - A Purpose Bigger Than Prison | Gregory Rutledge Jr

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