DiscoverManaging MindsEPISODE 1 - Managing Individuals
EPISODE 1 - Managing Individuals

EPISODE 1 - Managing Individuals

Update: 2021-08-23


The key to supporting your team’s mental health is to understand them. Finding empathy for your team might not always be easy but it can ultimately make your job easier.  As a manager, you have a huge impact on your team’s mental health, and that has an impact on staff turn over and output.

In this Episode of Managing Minds we delve into how you can support the people around you and what to look out for when it comes to mental health. From understanding potential risks  like bullying, to issues of workplace flexibility and equity.

Guests in this episode include Dr Katrina Sanders, Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Federal Police; Dr Jim Donnelly, psychologist; Professor Michelle Tuckey, Work and Organisational psychologist; Jo Farmer and Camille Wilson.  

You can find more information about mental health in the workplace at these places:

Heads Up  - Beyond Blue’s workplace mental health resource

Black Dog Institute -  Workplace and mental health wellbeing space

Safe Work Australia - Work health and safety guidance

Head to Health  - Digital mental health resources 

And you can get support from :

Beyond Blue


Or you can go to your GP who will refer you to a psychologist.

Our Team

Host - Anna McAfee
From studying psychology, working in recruitment and being part of the LinkedIn Local movement, Anna has had a broad range of experience in working with people as a manager, trainer and team member.

Producer/Editor - Simon Portus 
Simon is a producer and director with a passion for storytelling and development. He is the Creative Director of Headline Productions.

Executive Producer - Liz Keen
Before working on the award winning podcast, Still Jill, Liz had produced stories for Earshot, All in the Mind and Background Briefing as well as presenting and producing live radio. She has also been a Chief of Staff and Content Director for the ABC where she learnt to manage staff on the run.

Researcher - Dr James Donnelly  
The man who made sure we got our facts right is a Lecturer in Psychology at Southern Cross University who is trained in clinical and neuropsychology with 25 years experience in assessing and treating children, adolescents and older adults. 

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EPISODE 1 - Managing Individuals

EPISODE 1 - Managing Individuals

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